How to Design a Custom Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are honored because they signify unity. For every organization you need to know how to design your coin to bring a together team. They are more of a motivation that represents hard work and appreciated through the award. This ia a valuable item that will represent you and the mission of your journey. When you receive the custom coin, then you are part of the distinguished unit and get credit for being part of it. When you receive the challenge coins, then you carry it with pride since it means a great achievement. Click here to know more on how you can customize your coins.

When designing the challenge coins, ensure you use image that is focused on your message. The most important and outmost thing when coming up with the concept of your challenge coins is the image. Let’s say you want to come up with the challenge coin for a team named Rock Lions, you should focus on the image of the lion and a cross section of blue and green stripes of the rock lion flag. In the event where the challenge coins will be used as a token to signify championship then you should add a trophy to the existing image to pass the while message to the target audience.

Text limitation is a very important aspect when designing your challenge coin. The best way to have your custom coin the one that conveys a clear message is to keep t clean free from many writings. The best way is to limit the writings. Use a larger coin size in case you want to include an essential message and make sure you shorten the texts or where ir makes sense use abbreviation.

Look at tips used by logo designers. Research through the internet and get the right challenge coin design since internet has a variety of designs. Take a modern approach and either seeks advice from the blogosphere on how to do the designs. Always pay attention to proportion you prefer and balancing. The proportion you prefer is important and very crucial for you to come up with a very good design and quality work.

The challenge coins always and should reflect on your organization or team’s mission, values and main goals. This is a very distinct approach for every group and you should avoid pre-made flash and clip-art to pass your message. Draw your own design even if it means hiring a designer to make it your own design which carries the core values of your team. For more information, click here:

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